Rum Cake on Rum Runner's Passage

The Best Rum Cake in Nassau? A Delicious Conundrum!

Tortuga? Bacardi? or The Rum Cake Factory?

You can’t leave The Bahamas without having rum cake. This decadent, flavourful baked treat is a staple of Bahamian cuisine and there are a wide variety of places you can go to taste this sweet, rum-infused delight. Since we like to think of ourselves as rum cake connoisseurs, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 rum cakes in Nassau. Be warned, rum cakes can be quite addictive and can leave you with a desire to return to The Bahamas again and again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory:

Rum Cake Factory Rum Cake

(Photo courtesy Rum Cake Factory (Facebook))

As you step into the Bahamas Rum Cake Factory, you’re greeted with the hypnotizing smell of cakes baking. Located in the heart of downtown Nassau, on East Bay Street, their cakes are marinated in their signature brand of Ole Nassau Bahamian Rum and were named the official rum cake of The Bahamas by the state in 2014. The shop is small and often crowded with hungry customers. A benefit of the coziness, is the opportunity to see the cakes being made right before your eyes.

While you can choose the original recipe with pecans, they offer additional sumptuous flavours like Key lime, Pineapple and Amaretto, among others. If you aren’t quite sure which flavour you want to commit to, you’ll be offered samples to try before you buy. With its reasonable prices and friendly staff, The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory is definitely a place you’ll want to visit to satisfy your craving.

Bacardi Rum Cakes:

As you can probably guess by the name, Bacardi cakes are drenched in Bacardi rum. This brand of rum cakes comes in three flavours: Original, Pina Colada and Chocolate. The Original Bacardi Rum Cake is topped with walnuts and had the distinction of winning first position at the annual Rum Cake Competition by Rum Runners Press.

Rum Cake from Bacardi

(Photo credit Bacardi Rum Cake (Facebook))

The Pina Colada Cake offers a delightful twist on the original, with the addition of those quintessential Caribbean flavours, pineapple and coconut. It’s also an award-winning recipe. Bacardi’s Pina Colada rum cake topped the “Flavoured” category in the 2002 Annual Rum Cake Competition.

If you’re a chocolate lover, on the other hand, the Bacardi Chocolate Rum Cake will thrill you with the decadent mix of dark chocolate and the richness of Nassau Royale rum. It’s truly a treat for your taste buds. Prices of Bacardi rum cakes range from $6 USD for a small 5 oz. cake to $16 USD for a 24 oz. rum cake.

Tortuga Rum Cakes:

Although Tortuga Rum Cakes started in The Cayman Islands, the brand has become a favourite among Bahamians. Known for their rich, moist texture, each cake is glazed with 5-year-old, oak barrel aged Tortuga Gold Rum. Their most popular flavour is the Tortuga Golden Original Rum Cakes with walnuts but they aren’t limited to their original recipe. Some of the other flavours offered by Tortuga include Pineapple, Chocolate, Banana, Orange and Coffee.

Cayman Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cakes made the leap from Cayman to the Bahamas!

Tortuga Cakes can be sampled and bought at The Tortuga Gift Shop and Cake Factory on Bay Street. Their prices range from $25 USD for one 16 oz. cake to around $170 for a case of 9 cakes. They’re great souvenir gifts for friends and family, if you can bring yourself to part with it!

Homemade all the way

While these cakes offer some tasty options, we know you’ll agree when we say that nothing beats that original, homemade flavour. Bahamians love their rum cakes as much as they love a cold glass of switcha on a hot day, and every home boasts of their own special recipe. If you’re lucky enough to be offered a slice, our advice – take 2! It’s a favoured treat on our Rum-Runner’s Passage Tour, an classic old fashioned flavour, doused in an incredible rum syrup and individually sized so you don’t have to share! 

Rum Cake on Rum Runner's Passage

Islandz Tours’ Homemade Rum Cupcakes!

Visited the Bahamas and sampled some rum cake? Drop us a comment, we’d love to know which rum cake has your vote.

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