Festival Rum Bahamas – Something for Everyone!

Spirit of Nassau

Pirates, privateers and rum-runners, they’re all colourful threads in the tapestry that tells the story of Nassau. Unlike centuries past, when these job titles raised more than an eyebrow or two, we’ve embraced our history and found new opportunities to celebrate it! Enter Festival Rum Bahamas, a movement fuelled by deliciously crafted spirits, infusing itself into our culture and cuisine and exploding in excitement.

A cocktail of history, culture and cuisine

Pirates + Rum = Winning combo!

Festival Rum Bahamas kicks off on Friday, 24th February at the historic Fort Charlotte in Nassau (Bahamas). Fort Charlotte delivers a remarkable view of Paradise Island, Nassau and the harbour, the perfect venue for a fusion of old and new. If you’re yearning for a dose of Bahamian culture you won’t not be disappointed, as live entertainment, culinary demonstrations and visual displays will occupy your attention.
With over 30 local and international rums available, there’s bound to be something to suit even the most discerning drinker. Local chefs won’t be outdone either, promising to put on a show of culinary excellence, delivering mouth-watering dishes infused with the some of the best rums.

The Connoisseurs

Is it just the rum or is that Johnny Depp?

At Festival Rum Bahamas, the professional chefs will pull the crowds, wooing them with seductive aromas laced with spiced rums and fresh seasonings. It’s hard to say no to such tantalizing tastiness! True rum connoisseurs are less likely to fall victim to such tactics. They’re masters themselves, searching for just the right blend. Some want nutty flavours, others prefer fruity; whether it’s a complex array of spices with just the right silkiness or a full-bodied burst of oak, molasses and bourbon. With a selection that includes Ron Zacapa, Havana Club, John Watlings and Bacardi, there’s sure to be something to fill the glasses of our resident rum experts.

The Groupies

It’s only been three years, but already Festival Rum has grown its own band of loyalists, the familiar faces you’re bound to see. You can’t blame them really, the event offers everything an adventure-seeker would need – great rum, good food and wonderful people, a winning combination. Some rum drinkers are pretty much the same, they’re committed to their brand of liquid pleasure and find it hard to stray. These are probably the folks you’ll see mulling around certain booths, offering up advice, making recommendations and steadily downing a drink or two while they settle down in their element.

The Socialites

Crowds gather around their favorite booths at Festival Rum Bahamas!

Social drinkers are the lifeblood of these events, they’re the ones who are willing to try anything. The die-hard adventurers, anxious to sample something new. They’ll take on the Plantation Rum from Barbados, tackle the 10 Cane Rum from Trinidad and appreciate Appleton from Jamaica. For our social friends, the experience of the event takes precedence over the fine art of rum tasting, though they won’t turn down a glass!

Whether you’re planning on showcasing your rum drinking pedigree, there to support your local brewery or just in for the food and fun of it, we strongly suggest buying a ticket early to ensure entry. Festival Rum Bahamas is a three-day affair, so connect with your crew, review the daily schedule of activities, designate your drivers and head on down.

Here’s everything you need to know about Festival Rum Bahamas:

• Festival Rum Bahamas runs from Friday, February 24th 2017 to Sunday, February 26th, 2017, starting at 11am daily.
• You can secure either $25 one day tickets or $60 three day passes (Advance Purchase Only).
• Package deals are available! You can purchase The Dirty Dozen Deal (buy 12 – day entry tickets and get 1 FREE), or the 20+ day entry package, and get 2 FREE weekend passes.
Fort Charlotte is the venue of choice for Festival Rum Bahamas (click the link for directions).
• There will be live entertainment, culinary displays, rum tastings and vendors selling local cuisine as well as sauces, jams and jellies all infused with rum.

Ready for some Festival Rum Bahamas fun?

Secure your tickets now!

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