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Nassau City Seeker

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12 and up
Kid Ages 11 and under

Explore the City of Nassau on a Thrilling Scavenger Hunt!

A race against the clock and fellow adventure-seeking competitors, the Nassau City Seeker Tour takes you to the greatest monuments, galleries, restaurants, bars, churches, and shops downtown Nassau has to offer! The discovery of each location on this scavenger hunt unfolds Bahamian history, heritage, art, and culture before your very eyes, but don’t dally too long, as prizes await you at the finish line!

City seekers are divided into teams of three people or more, each receiving a map of downtown Nassau. The map contains all the information you need to answer the captivating questions or accomplish the challenges that await you at every stop. Visit as many locations as possible to collect points and secure your spot, in the annals of our history, as Nassau’s finest explorers!

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