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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide authentic Bahamian cultural experiences through guided walking tours of downtown Nassau; its key landmarks, artwork, and colourful stories of the past and present.

The Islands of The Bahamas contains a rich and varied history. Beyond its sandy shores lies a thriving art scene arising from its heritage of vibrant culture.

We believe that travelers to our islands are searching to experience places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. We also see value in reinforcing and protecting Bahamian cultural identity(s) for travelers and local residents alike. Our guided walking tours provide our adventure-seeking travelers with the kinds of experiences that they crave. Yet even more so, they communicate passion for learning and exploring our country’s heritage, arts, and culture. We hope that this passion is passed on to all who come along with us on our tours.

Islandz Tours guides visitors and locals through downtown Nassau’s historic passageways, architectural treasures, art galleries, and street murals designed by local Bahamian and international artists. All guides are local Nassuvians, certified by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s Bahama Host Program, and absolutely love to share their island city with its guests.

Islandz is a Bahamian-based company founded in 2011 after winning the Tourism in the Caribbean business plan competition held by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Opportunities for the Majority Division.