Q?  Why should I choose Islandz Tours?
A.  If you only do one activity in Nassau that is not beach-related, come on a walk with us!

  • Our guides are friendly and knowledgeable local Nassuvians
  • We walk you through the sights, sounds, and tales of the city’s fascinating history, culture, and heritage in a fun, relaxed, informative way
  • There’s passion behind what we do and why we exist. We strive to provide you with an authentic Bahamian experience, beyond the natural beauty of our islands.
Q?  I am staying on a cruise ship, how do I find your tour launching points on foot?
A.  Our launching points of Rawson SquareThe National Art Gallery of The BahamasSmuggler’s Beer Garden and Via Caffe, are of short walking distance from Festival Place, Nassau’s home base for all cruise ships. You may refer to these directions, our general map of starting locations for specific tours, as well as contact us via email or phone if you seek further clarification.
Q?  I am staying at hotel, how do I find you?
A.  Our launching points of Rawson SquareThe National Art Gallery of The BahamasSmuggler’s Beer Garden and Via Caffe are easily recognizable by local taxi drivers, hoteliers, and residents throughout Nassau. You may enter the address of where you will be staying to the following directional maps, and include the launching point of your specific tour as your destination. Additionally, you may review our general map of starting locations for our specific tours, and/or contact us via phone or email for further clarification.
Q?  Where do your tours end? Can I stay and hang out afterwards on my own?
A.  Our tours end at Pirate Republic Brewing Company, Hillside House, Pompey Square, Lifestylez Bacardi Bar or the John Watling’s Distillery, depending on the tour.  Please refer to our general map for specific ending locations. Many guests prefer to end their tour at our final stops. You are more than welcome to do so with no further supervision from our team. Alternatively, your guide will be happy to direct you towards the centre of downtown if you need a little help finding your way.
Q?  How long does a tour last? When do they run?
A. Approximately 2 or 2 1/2 hours, depending on the tour. They are all offered Monday – Saturday with a morning and afternoon departure.  For further details on departure times, please refer to our Tours & Booking Page.
Q?  How will I recognize the guide?
A. Your guide will be wearing a white polo shirt with the Islandz Tours logo on it. You can also familiarize yourself with Our Team here.
Q?  Do I need to be fit?
A. Only a very basic level of fitness is required, as you will be walking at a moderate pace throughout the tour. Nassau is also a quite flat area, which is perfect for light walking!
Q?  Will there be any breaks or restroom facilities available en route?
A. Yes, your tour will have regular stops for storytelling and there will be opportunities for picture taking along the way. There will also be restrooms and available at every stop and opportunities to purchase water along the route. However, we do advise our participants to visit a restroom before hand and to pack a water bottle just in case.
Q?  What should I wear and/or bring?
A. Comfortable clothing (light or ventilated fabric, appropriate for warmer weather), walking shoes, sunglasses/hat, camera, and a water bottle. If it looks like rain, bring your rain gear, too!
Q?  Are your tours appropriate for children and/or toddlers?
A. Young tour participants are welcome at the discretion (and under the supervision) of their parents or guardians!  The tour content can certainly be enjoyable and intriguing for older children (pre-teens and up) and teenagers, but younger children and toddlers may have a hard time.
Q?  What if there is bad weather on the day of my tour?
A. Our tours will continue running, rain or shine! We will have rain gear available for use, and also advise that you to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. In the event of rare, inclement weather, your tour may be cancelled. We will notify you of any cancellation via email and phone. You may also give us a call at +1 (242) 698-2708 on the morning of your tour. Such cancellations will be made at the discretion of Islandz Tours.
Q?  How do I book a tour?
A. Booking reservations can be made online at the Tours & Booking section of our website, via email to “bookings@islandztours.com”, or telephone at +1(242) 698-2708.  When reserving by email, please leave your name, the date and time requested, the number of people in your group, and a contact number. In all cases, we will contact you via email to confirm your reservation.Please make booking requests at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.
Q?  Can I book a private tour?
A.  Absolutely. Just send us an email to “bookings@islandztours.com”, or telephone us at +1 (242) 698-2708 to arrange for a private booking.

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